Key messages from the OLGA conference in Zagreb: sustainability is an achievable goal

Key messages from the OLGA conference in Zagreb: sustainability is an achievable goal

Key messages from the OLGA conference in Zagreb: sustainability is an achievable goal

Between 12.12.2023-14.12.2023, an event organized by Zagreb Airport, Franjo Tuđman, took place within the OLGA Project. The representatives of Cluj International Airport were Mrs. Technical Director, Ana-Maria Crețu and Maria-Andrada Goron, responsible for communication within the OLGA Project. On the work agenda were meetings with the decision-makers of the project, during which the next stages for the implementation of the tasks were discussed and feedback was provided related to the actions undertaken so far.

On 13.12.2023, Zagreb Airport was the host of a conference entitled „Shaping Green Airports & Smart Cities”, during which approximately 150 participants gathered, including representatives of the city, political decision-makers, the academic environment, as well as environmental and mobility experts. The OLGA project is one of the largest innovation projects in Europe, probably the largest in Croatia, in terms of allocated European funds.

In the words of Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, President and CEO of Zagreb Airport, the participation of Zagreb Airport in the OLGA projects confirms our commitment to decarbonisation and to improving Croatia’s EU funds absorption efficiency. We are keen to adopt innovative solutions to enhance our environmental performance and to increase our collaboration with the industry, academia and the local communities. Our aim is to make Zagreb airport a shining example of sustainability and responsible business practice, as it is mirrored by our 2022 sustainability report.

Topics related to green airports and smart cities were covered. Through the representatives, all partner airports in the project were present at the conference, namely SEA Milan, „Charles de Gaulle” Airport in Paris, Cluj Airport and the host of the event, Zagreb Airport. The local partners of Cluj Airport were also present, namely the Technical University and the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca.

Yannael Billard, OLGA Project Sponsor and Senior Manager in Environment and Energy at Groupe ADP, states that airports are highly complex ecosystems. To implement environmental innovations in an airport can be challenging, but it is not because it is difficult, that we should not do it. We must take action, and this is what we are doing through OLGA, thanks to its holistic approach. At the end of the project, the project will deliver around 35 concrete innovations that will be implemented at the OLGA airports, and which can be replicated worldwide. This marks the beginning of the transformation of airports into carbon-free mobility hubs, with the aim of achieving balance between economic, social and environmental goals.

For more information related to the event, you can access the link -from-the-olga-conference-in-zagreb-sustainability-is-an-achievable-goal/870

Proiectul OLGA a primit finanțare din programul de cercetare și inovare Orizont 2020 al Uniunii Europene în baza Acordului de Grant nr. 101036871

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