Capturing innovations’ pathways in OLGA – Hybrid Workshop at Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport

Capturing innovations’ pathways in OLGA – Hybrid Workshop at Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport

Capturing innovations’ pathways in OLGA – Hybrid Workshop at Cluj  Avram Iancu International Airport

Between 14-15 September 2023, the Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport is the host of a hybrid workshop entitled Capturing innovations’ pathways in OLGA, organized in collaboration with COMOTI, the Romanian Research and Development Institute  for Gas Turbines.  

The event will be attended by representatives of internationally renowned airports, partners in the OLGA Project, namely SEA Milan Airport, ADP Group (Aéroports de Paris) and Zagreb Airport, as well as the ARC Association (Airport Regions Council). The event is also joined by the local project partners, namely the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca and the Technical University of Cluj. 

The agenda of the event includes topics of current interest such as: the waste management strategy and the technologies suitable for different types of waste, in order to valorize them and transform them into biofuel. The agenda is a complex one, which also aims at the circular economy, green mobility, transport in the public area and integrated mobility for the decarbonization of the city of Cluj-Napoca.

Thus, waste management strategies will be presented at Cluj Airport, Zagreb Airport and also at ADP (Aéroports de Paris) level.

Cluj Airport confirms through these actions that it is interested in supporting the activities that are in line with the environmental policies agreed at the European level, considering the fact that the actions undertaken are aimed at the European commitment to use renewable energy sources and to reduce emissions aviation carbon. One of the sessions of the workshop concerns the French example and the implementation at Cluj Airport regarding the transformation of waste into biomethane and its use in green mobility, where the partners from ENGIE will take the floor.

This Workshop creates the perfect framework in the development of topics related to the measures that will have to be taken by airports for the implementation of the Fit for 55 Package launched by the European Commission in July 2021, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions in the European Union by 55% by 2030 and reducing carbon emissions to Zero by 2050 in aviation.

The Director General, David Ciceo, conveyed the following: „Cluj Airport is the largest regional airport in Romania and is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint, being accredited for level I and II, and now it is in the process of obtaining level III. The OLGA project supports the implementation of the airport’s environmental actions. In this sense, various activities were carried out within the OLGA project, such as air quality monitoring, and regarding the lighting system, the ADP solution will be implemented, as Cluj Airport  is a follower airport. In this sense, the spaces where we will integrate the ADP solution have been identified. Also, Cluj Airport in collaboration with the Technical University and the City Hall of Cluj are taking steps to produce fuel from renewable sources, thus they are working on a project to create a mini biogas production station from the household waste generated by the airport, and the resulting biogas will be used for powering a bus that will connect the airport with the city.”           

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