COMUNICAT DE PRESĂ – Noi zboruri spre Zurich de pe Aeroportul Internațional „Avram Iancu” Cluj lansate de compania aeriană Swiss International Air LinesCOMUNICAT DE PRESĂ –

COMUNICAT DE PRESĂ – Noi zboruri spre Zurich de pe Aeroportul Internațional „Avram Iancu” Cluj lansate de compania aeriană Swiss International Air LinesCOMUNICAT DE PRESĂ –

Cluj-Napoca, March 28, 2024: Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport announces the start of new flights to Zurich, operated for the first time by a new airline present at the airport, Swiss International Air Lines, which, starting today, connects the city of Cluj-Napoca with the tourist capital of Switzerland.  

The flights are operated with 3 frequencies/week, on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, according to the schedule in the following table, and tickets can be booked on the airline’s website, as well as through tour operators and travel agencies . tourism.


Start route

Days of operation

Operating program

Zurich (ZRH)

March 28, 2024

Monday and Sunday

CLJ 15:25

ZRH 11:40

ZRH 16:35

CLJ 14:40


CLJ 10:30

ZRH 06:55

ZRH 11:40

CLJ 09:55

 Notes: The flight schedule represents the local landing/takeoff times and may be subject to change 

The new destination will also provide connecting flights to intercontinental destinations, such as:

  • every Monday and Sunday, from Cluj – Zurich and from there on, to: New York (Newark Airport), Boston, São Paulo and Bangkok;
  • every Thursday, from Cluj – Zurich and from there on, to: New York (JFK Airport), Miami, Dubai, Montreal, Boston, Shanghai, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland, well known as the cultural, economic and industrial center of the country and one of the most important financial centers of the world. The city is home to several financial institutions, banking giants, the stock market, national and international corporations and, respectively, most of the European research and development centers based in Zurich. Also known as the gateway to the Alps, Zurich is the city with the highest standard of living in the world that has become an attractive tourist destination.

The airport is located 13 kilometers north of Zurich city center and serves the Zurich metropolitan area. This airport is transited annually by more than 22 million passengers and is also the main air hub for Swiss International Air Lines.

The representative of the Swiss International Air Lines company, Ms. Monica Dobruţchi, General Manager of Lufthansa Group Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria , said the following: „We are delighted and proud that, starting today, we are adding Cluj-Napoca – the gateway to and from Transylvania – to the network of our destinations, by introducing this flight to Zurich, with a frequency of 3 weekly flights. For passengers from Cluj-Napoca, we offer a variety of connecting flights from our hub in Zurich. We also offer convenient connections to Geneva, Basel, major European capitals, North America and many other destinations on our extensive route network.”

Mr. Viorel Federiga, President of the Board of Directors of Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport stated: „We welcome the decision of Swiss International Air Lines to operate a new destination from Cluj International Airport. This will serve, among others, an important community of Romanians in Zurich, which exceeds 8,000 people. The Cluj International Airport remains a development engine of the region and its efforts to increase the connectivity of the region are today realized through this new route to Zurich, operated for the first time from Cluj-Napoca. „

Mr. David Ciceo, General Director of Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport, conveyed the following: „The debut of Swiss International Air Lines flights to Zurich, the company’s main base of operations and further to many other airports in the world, will ensure diversity in the travel options of passengers from all over Transylvania. We believe that the new destination will be appreciated by our passengers from all traffic segments, namely business, ethnic or tourist. The increase in the number of destinations and airlines at Cluj International Airport is, on the other hand, a permanent concern of the airport management.”

Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport – Your travel partner!


Airline Information: 

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is the most important air carrier in Switzerland and is part of the Lufthansa Group, being a member of the Star Alliance – the largest air alliance in the world.

With one of the most advanced fleets of aircraft in Europe, SWISS is a premium, medium-sized airline that offers direct flights from its hubs in Zurich and Geneva, serving more than 110 destinations in 43 countries. With its fleet of 91 aircraft, SWISS carries approximately 16.5 million passengers annually, being an important engine for the Swiss economy, society and tourism.

SWISS has also set ambitious decarbonisation targets and plans to halve its net carbon dioxide emissions compared to 2019 by 2030, and by 2050 wants its operations to be completely carbon neutral, in particular by promoting the use of sustainable aviation fuels.

As the national airline of Switzerland, SWISS represents the country’s traditional values and is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. In 2023, the schedule stability of this airline amounted to 98.4%, which made SWISS the most reliable airline in Europe.

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